Grass Root Refinery Tuban Project Development Exceeds Target

Pertamina Rosneft Refinery in Tuban, Indonesia.
Pertamina Rosneft Refinery in Tuban, Indonesia.

PT Pertamina Rosneft Processing and Petrokimia (Pertamina Rosneft) showed positive performance by accelerating the Grass Root Refinery (GRR) Tuban project.

As a strategic project, the Tuban Refinery is projected to become one of the largest refineries in Indonesia and to produce quality fuel products such as Gasoline, Diesel, and Avtur up to 229 thousand barrels per day.

Considering the strategic value of the Tuban Refinery to support the country's energy security, Pertamina Rosneft is committed to managing this project on track. Until the end of December 2021, the progress of this project has reached 62.77% in the design preparation stage (Front-End Engineering Design / FEED). This figure is far beyond the initial target of 56.45%.

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''The preparation of this technical design is a crucial phase because in the construction of the refinery, from this FEED, the complete design and specifications of the refinery will be obtained as a basis for continuing the project," explained President Director Pertamina Rosneft, Kadek Ambara Jaya.


The Tuban Refinery Project is a program to build a new oil refinery that is integrated with a petrochemical refinery in order to secure the country's energy security. In addition to fuel products, the Tuban Refinery aims to produce petrochemical products of 2820 kilo tons per year, as well as paraxylene of 1300 kilo tons per year. The refinery, which has a processing capacity of up to 300 thousand barrels per day, will be one of the largest refineries owned by Pertamina.

"We ask for the support of the parties and the community to maintain the conduciveness of this project so that it is according to plan, according to budget, according to specifications, according to returns and according to regulations," said Kadek.

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To support this strategic project, Pertamina Rosneft proactively involves local workers where the absorption rate has reached 1220 workers in the Tuban area. In addition to empowering local workers, Kadek ensures that the Tuban project has been carried out in line with the company's Environmental Social Responsibility program. For three years from 2019-2011, the contribution of GRR Tuban's Environmental Social Responsibility has reached Rp 23 billion.

The Tuban GRR itself project has an absorption target for the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) of 27.85%. Its components include the absorption of local labor, to quality domestic goods and services. “In fact, the Tuban GRR project will participate in using local raw materials in its construction process,'' added Kadek. To ensure the quality of TKDN, Pertamina collaborating with PT Surveyor Indonesia.

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