BNI's Profit in 2021 Increases 3 Times from 2020

The headquarter office of BNI in Jakarta, Indonesia. Bank BNI recorded an increase in net profit in 2021.
The headquarter office of BNI in Jakarta, Indonesia. Bank BNI recorded an increase in net profit in 2021.

PT Bank Indonesia (BNI) has succeeded in making a positive performance recovery leap in the 2021 financial year. The net profit in 2021 was recorded at IDR 10.89 trillion, growing 232.2 percent year on year (yoy), or three times the profit in 2020.

The President Director of BNI, Royke Tumilaar, said that the performance of BNI in 2021 was very encouraging where the net profit was able to exceed market expectations.

The achievement of this net profit was generated from Operational Income Before Reserves (PPOP) which grew strongly by 14.8 percent yoy to reach Rp. 31.06 trillion.

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This achievement is even the highest BNI has ever produced, higher than operating income before the pandemic. In addition, efforts to improve credit quality through monitoring, handling and effective policies made the cost of credit improve to 3.3 percent.

The increase in the bank's operating income resulted from healthy credit growth of 5.3 percent yoy to Rp 582.44 trillion.

A strong net interest margin (NIM) at the level of 4.7 percent and fixed-based income (FBI) which at the end of 2021 recorded a growth of 12.8 percent yoy. BNI believes that there is still room to continue to grow in the future.

“We closed 2021 with a threefold increase in net profit from our 2020 results and we believe it has been above market expectations. We also fully understand that there is room for improvement in the future," he said.

Royke continued that the main driver of credit during 2021 was distribution in the Business Banking sector, especially financing to the Private Corporate segment which grew 7.6 percent yoy to Rp 180.4 trillion.

The large commercial segment grew 10.4 percent yoy to Rp 40.9 trillion. The small segment also grew 12.9% yoy with a credit value of Rp 95.8 trillion. Overall credit in the Business Banking sector grew 4.5 percent yoy to Rp 482.4 trillion.

Meanwhile in the consumer sector, the largest credit growth was payroll credit, which rose 18.3 percent yoy to Rp 35.8 trillion. Then home ownership loans (mortgage) grew 7.7 percent yoy to Rp 49.6 trillion. Overall consumer loans grew 10.1 percent yoy to Rp 99 trillion.

BNI Finance Director Novita Widya Anggraini explained that the role of non-interest income is also getting stronger in 2021. The FBI at the end of 2021 grew 12.8% yoy to Rp 13.64 trillion.

The 2021 FBI was supported by consumer fees and business banking fees which grew 6.0 percent and 10.7 percent yoy, respectively, marking a strong recovery compared to the previous year.

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