BRI can distribute KUR in 2024 of up to IDR 165 trillion

Supari, Director of Micro Business of BRI.
Supari, Director of Micro Business of BRI.

JAKARTA -- The Indonesian government through the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs has targeted distribution of People's Business Credit (KUR) of IDR 300 trillion in 2024.

As the bank with the largest MSME portfolio in Indonesia, Bank Rakyat Indonesia (BRI) received the largest KUR allocation for 2024, namely IDR 165 trillion or recorded lower compared to the 2023 target of IDR 194.4 trillion.

BRI Micro Business Director Supari said that BRI is committed to meeting this target considering that currently BRI already has adequate infrastructure and new sources of growth through the ultra-micro ecosystem with Pegadaian and PNM.

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"BRI has BRISPOT which continues to be optimized to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the work of marketers. "We will also optimize the potential of new business model ecosystems such as PARI and Localoka," said Supari, Friday (12/1/2024).

In 2023, BRI will succeed in distributing KUR worth IDR 163.3 trillion to 3.5 million debtors. The majority of BRI KUR distribution is channeled to the production sector with a proportion reaching 57.38 percent.

Supari added that BRI has a new source of growth through ultra-micro holding which is believed to be able to encourage KUR distribution to the grass roots.

In general, this ultra micro ecosystem is able to open financial access and provide a good customer experience with financial services that suit the needs of ultra micro customers.

As a result, the ultra-micro segment of society that has not been served by formal finances in Indonesia fell from 30 million people in 2018 to only 9 million in 2023.

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