LSI Survey: PDIP trend Down, Gerindra continues to rise

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Political party in Indonesia and KPU.
Political party in Indonesia and KPU.

JAKARTA -- The Indonesian Survey Institute (LSI) released the results of the latest survey regarding party choices if the House of Representatives (DPR) member elections were held at this time. As a result, PDIP was still widely selected at 19.7 percent.

According to LSI, the trend in favor of PDIP tends to continue to decline compared to the survey results in October 2023, namely 22.5 percent. In September 2023, the white muzzle party's electability rate will be 23.4 percent.

"There is a tendency for the choice of PDIP to appear to be decreasing, especially from September to December," said the Executive Director of the Indonesian Survey Institute, Djayadi Hanan, in the release of his latest survey with the theme 'Presidential Candidate Debate, Election Neutrality and Electability' in Jakarta, Sunday (10/12/ 2023).

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After PDIP, the next most voted party was Gerindra with 18.2 percent. According to Djayadi, Gerindra consistently continues to increase, namely from 12.1 percent in January 2023 to 18.2 percent in December 2023.

Apart from Gerindra, Golkar was chosen the most in 3rd place, namely 10.5 percent. Then, followed by PKB at 8.5 percent, PKS 5.5 percent, Democrat 5.4 percent, and PAN 4.1 percent. Other parties have lower than 4 percent or have the potential to not pass the parliamentary threshold.

"Golkar, PKS and generally other parties tend to strengthen, although slightly. Except for PPP, which is stagnant," said Djayadi.

The LSI survey was conducted on 3-5 December 2023 involving 1,426 respondents. Sample selection was carried out using the random digit dialing (RDD) method, namely a technique for selecting samples through a random telephone number generation process.

A total of 1,426 respondents were selected through a process of random telephone number generation, validation, and screening. The survey's margin of error is estimated to be around 2.6 percent at a 95 percent confidence level, assuming simple random sampling.

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