Erick Thohir: I will not stop eradicating corruption in BUMN

Minister of BUMN Erick Thohir is firm to eradicate corruption in BUMN.
Minister of BUMN Erick Thohir is firm to eradicate corruption in BUMN.

There is no place for corruption in BUMN. This firm statement was made again by BUMN Minister Erick Thohir in the middle of Anti-Corruption Day.

The BUMN Minister promised not to stop eradicating corruption in state-owned companies. Erick, via his Instagram account, Saturday (9/12/2023), wrote, the BUMN Clean-up Program is a manifestation of his commitment to eradicating corruption. He will not allow misuse of funds within BUMN, especially since it could be detrimental to society.

The Jiwasraya, Asabri, Garuda and Dana Pensiun cases are proof of Erick's seriousness in eradicating corruption. "It doesn't stop here, I will continue to fight corruption so that BUMN is cleaner and can provide great benefits to the Indonesian people. Happy Anti-Corruption Day!" said Erick.

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As is known, Erick is increasingly aggressive in cleaning up BUMN and BUMN pension funds from corruption. Erick even collaborated with the Attorney General's Office and the Corruption Eradication Committee. Erick also did not hesitate to fire BUMN bosses involved in corruption cases.

The Minister of BUMN showed his seriousness by submitting a report on problematic BUMN dapen cases to the Attorney General's Office (Kejagung). Erick will continue to take firm steps by continuing to establish positive synergy with the Attorney General's Office and other institutions.

Resolving suspected corruption cases, said Erick, can be done quickly, thoroughly and accurately. Moreover, BUMN and the Attorney General's Office have the same mission in the issue of eradicating corruption.

Erick Thohir's steps to clean up BUMN also received a positive response from many groups, including a number of economists. One of them was conveyed by Segara Institute economist Piter Abdullah.

Piter Abdullah also said that efforts to clean up BUMN in the era of Erick Thohir's leadership were the most prominent in the last almost five years.

“There are many things that differentiate Mr ET from previous BUMN ministers. "The most unique and positive thing about Pak ET is his efforts to uphold good governance in BUMN," said Piter.

Piter said that as long as the Ministry of BUMN is led by Erick Thohir, legal cases within BUMN can be resolved more completely as a commitment to clean up BUMN.

“In fact, Mr. ET himself immediately handed it over to law enforcement. "Finally, there is an alleged case of misuse of dapen at BUMN," said Piter.

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