Indonesia shocked! Father killed his 4 children by smothering them

scene of the murder of four children by their father in Jakarta, Indonesia.
scene of the murder of four children by their father in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Indonesia was shocked by the murder of four biological children by their father. Before killing his four children, this father quarreled with his wife and then he abused her until she was injured. His wife is currently still being treated in hospital.

The police have named Panca Darmansyah (P) as a suspect in the murder case of his four children in Jagakarsa, south Jakarta. The police have sufficient evidence to name P as a suspect in the possession case.

"We found evidence of the cellphone and laptop used by P to record before and during the incident," said Head of Criminal Investigation Unit for the South Jakarta Metro Police to the media crew, Friday (8/12/2023).

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The police also found a recording of P having problems with his wife, which is suspected to be the root of the problem of this barbaric act.

Panca killed his children, SP (4 years), AR (3 years), and AS (1 year) in turn. He smothered his children to death, from the youngest to the oldest.

The first murder was committed against 1 year old A. Then proceed to his children aged 3 years, 4 years and finally the oldest victim's child aged 6 years.

Fives smothered him for approximately 15 minutes until he couldn't breathe. After carrying out the murder, the suspect, Panca, arranged the evidence in the form of the victims' favorite toys.

Panca has not yet been detained because he is still undergoing treatment at the hospital. However, the police have imposed the death penalty on the man who is said to work as a taxi driver.

Head of the Kramat Jati Police Hospital, East Jakarta, Brigadier General Hariyanto, explained that the results of the examination suspected that there were bruises on the lips and noses of four children. However, it is still certain that this condition is related to the victim's death.

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