Pertamina Oil Refinery in Dumai Indonesia Explodes

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An explosion sound accompanied by a strong vibration was heard which allegedly came from the Pertamina RU II Dumai Oil Refinery, Riau Province, Saturday (1/4/2023) at around 22.40 WIB. The explosion caused a fire.

The Antara news agency reported that residents closest to the oil refinery, located in Jaya Mukti and Tanjung Palas Sub-Districts, ran out of their homes. Hundreds of residents crowded at the gate of the oil refinery to see the actual conditions.

Security at the Pertamina Dumai oil refinery at that time was immediately tightened where police and military officers were to block residents who approached. It was observed that the traffic flow around the oil refinery on Jalan Putri Tujuh became totally jammed because many vehicles stopped.

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Until this news was published, there had been no official statement from Pertamina's management. However, fire trucks and ambulances were moving at high speed inside the oil refinery area.

Residents reported hearing loud noises and shaking furniture. It was also reported that explosions were heard all the way to Rupat Island. The Takwa Mosque on Jalan Sudirman Dumai was affected by the Dumai oil refinery incident.

"Many of the ceilings of residents' houses behind the oil refinery have collapsed, the walls are cracked, and the windows of the houses are broken," said Alex, a local resident.

Public Relations of Pertamina, Dumai Agustiawan, admitted that he had not been able to convey information and would immediately prepare an official statement regarding this matter.

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