Indonesia to Send Humanitarian Aid to Turkey

An earthquake hit the region of Turkey and Syria.
An earthquake hit the region of Turkey and Syria.

Indonesia expressed its condolences over the earthquake that rocked Turkey. Indonesia Vice President Kiai Ma'ruf said, to ease the grief of the Turkish people, Indonesia would immediately send aid to the victims.

"Earlier we also spoke with the President (Jokowi) and there is the Minister of Defense Mr Prabowo, we will immediately send an assistance mission to (Turkey) and that is part of our international responsibility," said Kiai Ma'ruf on the sidelines of a working visit to East Java, Tuesday (7/2/2023).

KH Ma'ruf said this assistance was also part of humanity. Moreover, Turkey is one of the countries that always helps Indonesia when a disaster occurs.

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"Turkey was the first to help when there was a tsunami in Aceh," said the chairman of the Advisory Council of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI).

Not only the government, Ma'ruf hopes that assistance will also come from the community and humanitarian organizations in Indonesia. He reminded fellow humans to help each other.

"So in this world we really have to help each other, it has become a human tradition. And I hope that later Baznas can take a role in that," he said.

An earthquake hit the regions of Turkey and Syria on Monday (6/2) in the morning. To date, an earthquake measuring 7.8 magnitude has resulted in more than 3,000 deaths and tens of thousands of injuries and displacement.

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