Indonesian Vice President: There Must Be a Prohibition of LGBT in Indonesia

Indonesian Vice President KH Maruf Amin.
Indonesian Vice President KH Maruf Amin.

Indonesian Vice President Maruf Amin emphasized that lesbian, gay, transgender and transsexual (LGBT) are forms of deviant sexual behavior. The vice president emphasized that LGBT deviant behavior should not penetrate young Indonesians.

Vice President Maruf said this at a workshop with the central and regional leaders of the Nahdlatul Ulama (Pergunu) teacher college and ulama at the KH Abdul Chalim Institute, Friday (3/6).

The vice president stated the LGBT issue was in response to a report by the General Chairperson of Pergunu, KH Asep Saifuddin Chalim, regarding Pergunu's recommendation which emphasized the rejection of LGBT regulations.

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The vice president said Indonesia's current challenge is to protect the nation's generation from deviant behavior such as LGBT.

The vice president supports the recommendations made by Pergunu regarding efforts to prevent the spread of LGBT behavior. The Vice President assessed that Pergunu's role was very important to ensure that there was no legitimacy for LGBT behavior.

Currently, there are no regulations that prohibit LGBT. Therefore, the Vice President Maruf considered the need for a regulation that emphasized the prohibition of LGBT in Indonesia.

"So that the law prohibits LGBT. If there is a prohibition, it's the same as prostitution, it's the same as others, the government just needs to carry out executions," the vice president added.

For this reason, he invites Pergunu to encourage the DPR to immediately draw up regulations that prohibit LGBT. This is to provide legal certainty for LGBT actors.

Pergunu rejects the existence of LGBT regulations. "Because in our view that LGBT is not only against the main religion Islam. Even in Islam it is not only LGBT that is highlighted, namely that men resemble women, women like men are not good," said KH Asep.

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